centre for biodynamic body psychotherapy queen square institute of neurology

The developmental needs approach from a Biodynamic Psychology point of view from Gerda Boyesen to Frank Lake - Ruben Kignel

June 22& 23 2019

Gerda Boyesen always emphasized the importance of “well being”, usually she would connect that with the recovering of  "oceanic waves” which are interrupted during our development and education on several different levels, that are usually called “Character formations”.

Character formations happen, as we all know, from the start of life and sometimes intra-uterine life.

What it is important to research is that well being is already a second stage of development, before that we have just the “being state”.

centre for biodynamic body psychotherapy queen square institute of neurology

My Inner voices: ego - superego and the essence.

April 2 2019

This professional experiential body-psychotherapy seminar explores the internal conversations and conflicts between the Ego and the Super-Ego, the intellect- 'voice of reason', and the body- 'voice of feelings' between the voice of the 'child-self' and the 'adult-self' etc.​

centre for biodynamic body psychotherapy queen square institute of neurology

16th European Congress of Body Psychotherapy

September,6-9, 2018

centre for biodynamic body psychotherapy queen square institute of neurology

Working beyond defence mechanism

December, 1, 2018

July, 13, 2019

This one day workshop will be both theoretical and experiential with the intention of conveying the specificity of the Biodynamic Bodywork. Each of us are born with essential qualities.  To be able to use them, to have meaning and purpose in our life, we need them to be embodied in our flesh and body.​

centre for biodynamic body psychotherapy queen square institute of neurology

Introduction to Body Based Psychotherapy

November, 2, 2018

In this one-day conference, we will explore some key ideas from body psychotherapy in the morning, with the opportunity to experience some of its methods in the afternoon.

My voice, my voices

Anat Ben Israel

October, 23, 2018

This experiential professional Biodynamic Psychotherapy workshop is designed for body- psychotherapists, psychotherapists, and professionals from different therapeutic modalities who want to explore, and deepen the direct work with voice and the "voices within" such as the  "Critic"  as well as regressive work, in a therapeutic setting.​

Embodied living

Carlien Van Heel

September  8 & 9, 2018

August 24 & 25 2019 

This two day workshop is designed to give you a taste of some of the ways we work, including elementary massage, and the biodynamic approach to group interaction. We also introduce some of the fundamental biodynamic concepts underlying our work.​

The mind in the body

Gillie Gilbert

July, 14&15, 2018

We shall be exploring the basic tenents of Biodynamic Psychology and the varied ways we work to liberate the Life Force and reduce the Trauma patterns being carried in the body and hence enabling an Expressive Sense of Self.

From fear to love

Gabriel Shiraz

June, 19, 2018

The couple relationship is a fascinating and complex subject which we encounter daily, both in our personal lives and with patients in the therapy room. During the workshop, we will engage with different aspects of ourselves, as partners and therapists.

Rooted talking

Clover Southwell

June, 10, 2018

This is a key technique in Biodynamic Psychotherapy: helping our client stay aware of the sensations and impulses arising in them as they talk, rather than just reporting what they have already thought of.

From impulse to creative expression

Anat Ben - Israel

May, 15, 2018

This workshop focuses on one of the most central, fascinating and dynamic parts of the human body, the pelvic area. In Body Psychotherapy and in Biodynamic Psychotherapy in particular the pelvis has great importance.


My Body, my personality

Gillie Gilbert

April, 08, 2018

June, 02, 2019

The personality is a construction of our own creation which evolves as we grow through our early years into our early twenties.

4th Biodynamic London Conference

October, 29, 2017

Conference Speakers:


  • Anat Ben Israel
  • Carlien van Heel
  • Guy Smith
  • Daniel Tanguay
  • Dr Elya Steinberg MD & Rudiger Biedermann
  • Hannah Brown





The heart

Anat Ben Israel

October 28, 2017

An opening to love, empathy and resonance.

Embodied listening skills

Hartmut Wuebbeler & Shlomit Eliashar

February, 14, 2016

In the Biodynamic Rooted Talking method we develop the skills of embodied listening and gently encouraging our clients to be rooted in their body, connect with their deeper self, finding their own meaning and solutions;​

Treat Posture, Movements and Muscles in Relation to Respiratory Function 

 Dr Berit Bunkan

May, 26, 2016

This course is an introduction to the Braatøy and Bülow-Hansen body psychotherapy  (BBT), which integrates therapy of body and mind.  The development of the therapy began in the late 1940s.

3rd Biodynamic London conference


July 1, 2015

Contemporary Views of Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy​

Sexuality, money and power in body psychotherapy for couples 

Gabriel Shiraz

June,27/28, 2015

A workshop for psychotherapists and psychologists working with relationship issues in individual therapy, with couples, and/or who are interested in developing and broadening their therapeutic abilities and becoming a couples therapist.​

Supervision weekend

Rubens Kignel and Michael Soth

July, 15&16, 2015

A workshop for qualified Psychotherapists & Supervisors​

Introduction to mindfulness

Barbara Hussong

October, 03, 2015

This workshop will give you an introduction to the main Mindfulness meditation practices. These are designed to enable you - with continued practice – to become more aware of each moment in your life.​

Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

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Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

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East Finchley, London N2 9BB

Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy​


Centre for Biodynamic 

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