How is it different from other types of massage?     


•  As well as helping the body, it touches the whole person,  feelings, mind and spirit      

•  We can work either directly on the skin, or through light clothing, and we use no oil or powder.      

•  We listen through a stethoscope to the sounds in your belly, which we use as a biofeedback, to tell us from moment to  moment how you are responding to our touch.


How can Biodynamic Massage be helpful to you?


  • restoring well-being and vitality
  • supporting you at times of stress
  • bringing inner balance and serenity
  • alleviating symptoms of a wide range of chronic diseases 
  • and much much more


To book your biodynamic massage at the student clinic or for more information call 0207 263 4290 or email us at


The costs of one biodynamic massage session at the student clinic is


£25 per session


You can pay for your massage by Paypal or online banking.​



Biodynamic Massage can reach deeper than other massage. Accumulated stress can play havoc with our minds and with our bodies. Biodynamic Massage is designed to help us literally digest our stress, not just in our minds but also in our bodies (Gerda Boyesen’s theory of the ‘psycho-peristalsis’ of the intestines). We use different techniques and levels of touch to suit each person’s needs and body type. Biodynamic Massage is often used within Biodynamic Psychotherapy, to open up the richness of our inner world. It can also be enjoyed by people not in psychotherapy.

THURSDAYS 6.15 pm & 7.30 pm

Nov               22nd

Dec               13th

Jan                10th/31st 

Feb               14th/28th 

Mar               14th/28th 

Apr               11th

May              02nd/16th/30th 

June             13th 

In the later trimesters of pregnancy Biodynamic Massage can be a valuable aid to relaxation and harmony. It is not advisable to embark on this in the first trimester.

Please make sure that your chosen clinic date has available space prior to payment​

Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

East Finchley Library , 226 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 9BB

Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

East Finchley Library , 226 High Rd,

East Finchley, London N2 9BB

Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy​


Centre for Biodynamic 

Body Psychotherapy​