Dr Elya Steinberg & Gerhard Payrhuber

organism: the way into psychotherapy with Berit Heir Bunkan, from Oslo.​

In this lovely conversation with 87 years old psychotherapist Berit Heir Bunkan from Norway during the European Congress in Athens, 2016, we discuss about different ways to get into the body mysteries as for example through the 3 diaphragms, look at it, learn and like:​

” Is the orgasm reflex a myth? “​

In this dialogue  Ebba Boyesen and Rubens Kignel talk about the “orgasm reflex”  an experience of the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.​

Ebba Boyesen and the psycho-orgastic work talking with Rubens Kignel​​

In this video I talk with Ebba Boyesen about the psycho-orgastic work, don’t loose it.​

Connecting body, mind and soul​ ​

Originally published in The Psychotherapist 

Promotion of Health and Biodynamic Psychotherapy​ ​

Originally published in The Psychotherapist 

Levels of Consciousness and Contact in Biodynamic Psychotherapy​​

Originally published in The Psychotherapist 


Trans-generational and Inter-generational Trauma​



First published as a chapter in: C. Young (Ed.) (2014), The Body in Relationship, (pp. 35-42). Galashiels: Body Psychotherapy Publications.





Trans-generational trauma represents a form of trauma that has been transferred from the generation of survivors who have experienced (or witnessed) the catastrophe or atrocities directly. This could be a natural trauma (like an earthquake or tsunami), or a man-made one (such as the Holocaust, or the genocidal wars in the Balkans and Rwanda). It is also possible to examine the "trans-generational' transmission of trauma in a wider perspective, as trauma passed through the relationship of ancestors and descendants as well as the parent-child couple. `Intergenerational' transmission of trauma is that which is passed on through the relationship between parents and children: "The intergenerational trauma and trans-generational trauma interact with each other and will produce another quality of the trans-generational phenomenon" (Payrhuber, 2011, p. 27). There is also a strong body of evidence in the literature that the phenomenon transmits in utero, and post-natally as a pre-verbal experience. The literature also shows that the most devastating impacts develop as a result of the man-made historical traumas inflicted upon communities and individuals. Nowadays, we are aware that trauma can be passed down to the second and further generations of the offspring of the survivors via a complex and interconnected set of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) mechanisms. The traumatic traces, 'like a child's footprint in wet cement', are often preserved for generations' (Felitti, 2010) and become `The Hidden Epidemic' that can disturb health.

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